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Brett Haddock is a life-long resident of Santa Clarita, raised by parents who believed strongly in serving the community and those in need and they passed that passion and commitment along to Brett. Brett enjoys serving our city's homeless at the local shelter, and he leverages his technical expertise to aid in whistleblowing in cases of fraud, cyber-bullying, and more. Brett is a software engineer for eBay and he is on the Board of Directors of the Canyon Country Advisory Committee.


  •  Government
    Elected representatives should engage with citizens regularly, and transparently. Brett will host regular town hall meetings to discuss issues with residents

  •  Traffic
    Traffic in Santa Clarita has become a major problem. To solve it, we need to invest in mass transit options, and focus on new arterial roads through town, as well as bringing jobs to the valley

  •  Internet
    Santa Clarita needs and deserves our own municipal fiber optic network; providing more affordable and faster internet access than what is currently available

  •  Development
    California has a housing crisis, and Santa Clarita is not immune. As a city, we should make affordable housing a priority, lest we risk the most vulnerable among us, senior citizens and people on fixed incomes, adding to our homeless population

  •  Environment
    Our city has gorgeous open spaces, we should focus on expanding and preserving them

  •  Emergency Preparedness
    As we have seen in Montecito, devastating wildfires followed by unimaginable flooding have wreaked havoc on the entire area. Santa Clarita needs to be better prepared for this scenario


Perry Paolini I'm proud to say I know Brett, and even prouder to endorse him for City Council. Brett and I first met at La Mesa Junior High where we rode the bus to school together, were part of the Science Olympiad team together, and later on attended Canyon High School together. I can't think of a better person to represent the City of Santa Clarita. In addition to being a life long resident who deeply cares about his community, he is also incredibly kind, intelligent, and funny. Go Brett! Santa Clarita would be very fortunate to have you looking out for it's citizens.