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About Brett

Brett Haddock is a former software engineer for ebay, and was born and raised here in Santa Clarita. His grandparents relocated from Colorado in 1964. He has not only grown up in Santa Clarita, but has grown up with Santa Clarita. He remembers when most of Soledad through town was just two lanes wide, when the field next to Santa Clarita Lanes was used for growing onions, and when Saugus Speedway had regular NASCAR races.

The Haddock family is a solid working-class one; Brett’s mother, Nancy, was a lunch lady in the Santa Clarita Valley Schools for 20 years. His father Mike has owned small businesses selling aftermarket automotive parts, and was a member of the Canyon Country Chamber of Commerce for 16 years.

His parents taught him to give back to his community. In 2015, he took part in the Sheriff’s Community Academy; for which he earned recognition and a Commendation from LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

Brett started volunteering at Bridge to Home when they opened for the November 2015 season. This was another insightful and amazing opportunity which taught him a great deal about issues our local homeless population is facing. During the 2015-2016 season, he ended up volunteering approximately 240 hours at the shelter.

Brett at a #MeTooSCV meetup (Back row, second from left)

Brett has a desire and feels it’s his duty to give back to his beloved hometown. He feels that being on the Santa Clarita City Council is the obvious next step. His technology skills and experience as a software engineer can be leveraged to facilitate collaboration and engagement with the residents of this amazing city. Brett wants to ensure even the quietest of voices can be heard, and to make sure we have a government that is actually of, by, & for, the people.

Brett is honest, and has a proven track record of integrity. He always stands up for the little guy.

Brett at a #MeTooSCV meetup (Back row, second from left)
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