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Defining the Problem

Traffic in Santa Clarita has become a major problem. In order to find a solution, we must first define our constraints. Our city topography makes roads a challenge, and restricts our ability to alleviate congestion by building alternate routes, or adding lanes to existing roads. We have a traffic control room at city hall, which has access to real time information and an ability to analyze issues, and remotely operate signals. The city, unfortunately, has limited influence and almost no control over the 5 and 14 freeways.

Additional Roads

The city has long planned roads connecting Via Princessa to Wiley Canyon Road, Dockweiler to Lyons, and several others. While these roads will ease crosstown congestion, the majority of resident complaints are about the freeways.

The Solution

To start with, I will push for the Traffic Control Center at City Hall should be staffed full time. This will help relieve crosstown congestion, and compensate for anomalies in traffic around town; accidents, emergencies, temporarily closed roads, and the like.

As for our congested freeways, they are unfortunately outside the control of the city. Since we cannot increase the bandwidth of the 5 and 14 freeways, the best solution is to improve and optimize throughput. I will work to increase mass transit availability and access by working to improve our local commuter bus system. I would like to see a more dynamic system set up, so residents can enter their scheduled commute, and a bus route is automatically created. A system similar to Uber and Lyft. Bus routes could be defined to pick you up at or near your home, and drop you at or near your work.